The Revolutionary Bike 378 Patent is For Sale!

Patent protected with continuation filing an option.
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Concept Bicycle

  • Green: Stable geometry portion (tied to the earth)
  • Blue: Suspended portion (floating in a cloud)
  • Red: Compliant mechanism suspension (the patent)

Unparalleled Energy Efficiency:

  • Up to 20% Increase in efficiency due to energy storage and rebound.

Ultimate Comfort:

  • Shock and small vibration isolation.

The first major suspension innovation in over 20 years:

  • Pivot less compliant mechanism.
  • Self Dampening.
  • Tunable progressive spring rates.
  • Stable frame geometry.

PATENT Protected:

  • Patent No. 7789378 “Bifurcated spring system with strain control cams”
  • The patent is for sale!

Multiple applications:

  • Road, Gravel, Trail, Mountain, Commuter, City, Trekking, X country, Electric bike, etc.

378 Bike Design Advantage:

Bifurcated spring suspension

  • The only viable full suspension to be applied to Road touring or gravel Bikes.
  • As or more efficient than unsuspended frames.
  • Zero stiction pivot less spring system.
  • Adjustable spring rate.
  • Self dampening.

Frame design

  • Fixed (unchanging) geometry.
  • Interchangeable front top tube section for a customized perfect frame fit.
  • Take apart frame for more compact shipping and traveling.

Frame performance

  • Geometry not effected by suspension movement.
  • The most comfortable, smoothest and energy saving ride (10-20% more efficient than a hard tail).

Patent protected with continuation filing an option.

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Capture, View, Show and Share your aging 35mm slides with your own smart phone and this very clever tool!

Quick. Simple. Inexpensive. High quality DIY digital transfers.


  • Old slide projectors are inconvenient and don't allow for quick and remote sharing of images.
  • Once beautifully-saturated slides celebrating your most important life moments and relationships — are degrading and deteriorating.
  • Decay occurs in varying degrees of loss in color, contrast, grain, sharpness and tonal range depending upon the film base, dyes used in the layers of emulsion, quality of chemicals used and care taken in processing.

As a consequence, millions of boxes of valuable images that might otherwise be treasured memories for many generations are stowed away in attics, closets and garages — fading away.

Answer: Got slides to share? Digitize, now!

Designed by a professional engineer, SlidesClick™ integrates three essential functions for foolproof slide conversions:

  • Steady camera positioning
  • Accurate slide positioning
  • Simple, vibration-free stability

* Not included is a commercially available Light Source ("Table", "Box" or "Pad"), nor your Smart Phone.

Information Sheet:

Set-up under five minutes.

Displayed results.

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Capture, View and Share your Family History images with this Simple Device and your Smart Phone or Tablet!

Quick. Simple. Eliminates archive institution service fees and minimizes handling of fragile originals.


FamilyClick™ is a digitizing and transferring device used in conjunction with your smart phone, tablet, or digital camera in order to capture personal documents, pictures and artifacts. You can just call it your personal "Document Digitizing Pod".

Who will love it?

  • Professional/Amateur Genealogists
  • Personal Family Historians
  • Museum Archivists
  • Librarians
  • Church History Centers
  • Family History Consultants
  • Graphic Designers/Art Directors

Why was it developed?

Ed Dittmar — a Coeur d'Alene, Idaho rocket scientist, engineer, professor and inventor - recently served a mission in Europe for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (a renowned world resource in genealogical research).

Assigned to develop and construct digitizing equipment for the church's Europe Area archives, he gained deep experience in high-end digital imaging.

Dittmar was urged by regional family history authorities to develop a small, fold-able, easy-to-use, low priced tool that library patrons, and personal family historians could use to digitally capture, instantly view, and share documents, photos and artifacts with family members, friends, church archives, colleagues, students and others.

The result: FamilyClick™

FamilyClick™ is a quick, easy to use, low cost tool that makes it possible to digitize family records, photos, drawings, illustrations and artifacts with quality that rivals or exceeds that of many flatbed scanners!


  • Page/Book Size: 21x17 in. (540x420 mm)
  • Lighting: Self-contained 12-volt LEDs
  • Power: 120/240 V and/or 12-volt battery pack
  • Size Folded: 22x18x14 in. (560x460x80 mm)
  • Size In Use: 22x18x14 in. (560x460x360 mm)
  • Weight: 6.6 lb. (3 Kg)

Information Sheet:

Set-up under five minutes.

Resulting digital image.

Small folded footprint.

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Set-up under five minutes.


Displayed results.


Set-up under five minutes.


Resulting digital image.


Small folded footprint.